1. Customers 18 and over who purchase any Crafted Pizza, or Craft Your Own Pizza at the Crushed Red restaurant located at 4820 E 61st St Suite #100, Tulsa, OK 74136 will be eligible to enter a drawing for a prize of “Free Pizza for Life.”

2. To enter the drawing, customers must fill out an entry form at the cash register that includes their name and contact information. The customer must present a government-issued identification upon entry. Any customer entering the drawing may not send another person to complete the entry form.

3. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Persons who do not purchase a pizza may request, complete, and submit an entry form to enter the drawing for a chance to win. Entry without pizza purchase will be limited to one entry per day.

4. The sweepstakes entry period will run from June 7th, 2021 through June 21st, 2021. Entry forms are only available at the above Crushed Red location.

5. Winner of the sweepstakes will receive up to one free Crafted Pizza per calendar week at the above Crushed Red location. (Does not include 14” Urban Crafted Pizzas or Build Your Own Pizzas.) The customer is responsible for all sales tax on value of pizza.

6. One winner will be randomly selected from a collection of all entry forms on June 22, 2021 at the above Crushed Red location. Any customer entering the drawing must be present to win.

7. When the winner is selected, the winner must register their full name and contact information at the above Crushed Red restaurant. Only the individual winner identified in the initial registration will be eligible to receive the prize of one free Crafted Pizza for each calendar week. The prize does not pass to winner’s successors, heirs, or assigns.

8. The winner must present a government-issued identification that matches the winner registration information to a Crushed Red employee each time the winner claims the free Crafted Pizza prize.

9. In the event the above Crushed Red location closes or otherwise ceases to exist, the winner’s prize will expire, and the winner will no longer be eligible to receive free Crafted Pizzas at any Crushed Red location.

10. The winner cannot exchange the prize for cash value.