Crushed Red is committed to our guests and to our environment. Bringing you fresh, healthy food in a restaurant that is designed to produce little-to-no waste is our primary focus, but we also care about the well being of our guests and staff.

Our Story

When veteran restaurateur Chris LaRocca and father and son entrepreneurs Ralph Kalish, Jr. and Powell Kalish embarked on creating a completely new restaurant concept, they asked themselves why there were no options for truly delicious, healthful foods that could be served as quickly as their unhealthy counterparts.

It sounds like a simple request–to make healthy food taste really good–but it took 114 years of collective experience and some pretty impressive credentials to make it happen. So they went to work.

They assembled a team of true experts: artisans that have spent years perfecting their craft. Together, they developed organically dressed salads that are chopped to order using a spectrum of colorful ingredients. They created pizzas with crispy whole-grain crusts and organic tomato sauce. Add to that the fact that all of this is served up really fast in a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. Did we mention that Crushed Red produces very little waste? Yeah, there’s that too! It’s this depth of experience and commitment to detail that makes Crushed Red such a unique experience–one that transcends the fast casual category of restaurants–and why we feel the only way describe Crushed Red is “Artisan Fast.”

Whether you’re conscientious about eating right, or you just want to kick back with a pizza and beer, come in and experience the true artisan flavors we’ve been working on for you.

Green Dining Alliance Logo Green Dining Alliance

Crushed Red is part of the Green Dining Alliance. We were given this distinction after our locations went through a comprehensive analysis and it was determined that we “Exceed industry norms for sustainable restaurant management & operations.” We are proud that our restaurants produce little-to-no waste and maintain sustainable operations. This has been very important to us from the beginning and we feel it’s also very important to our guests.


Crushed Red is a Certified Clean Hands Facility. Our employees are digitally monitored to ensure 100% handwashing compliance. We’re proud to be a forerunner in this movement and to offer this extra level of cleanliness assurance to our guests.

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