Crushed Red Mobile App Rewards and Loyalty FAQs


You’ve asked & we listened!

We have completely changed our user experience to be more intuitive and straightforward. No more buggy orders, dead pages or login issues. The Crushed Red app has been completely redesigned with the ordering experience in mind.

We also added a new rewards store, and reward status levels that hold exclusive perks and promotions!

Curious what that means?

Browse our step-by-step Crushed Red Mobile App Rewards and Loyalty FAQs for the most up to date information regarding the new app and any updates in the future.

How do I get the New App Experience?

If your app store settings (iOS or Android) have auto updates enabled you won’t need to do anything! Within 24-48 hours after the app launch date, your Crushed Red app will automatically update to the new version.

If you do not have auto updates enabled, you’ll need to go to your app store, search Crushed Red, and Tap “Update App”. Verbiage may vary by app store.

Will my loyalty points transfer/will I lose my loyalty points?

Rest assured, your loyalty points will transfer automatically with the update. Depending on your loyalty ($1 spent equals 10 points), your Status Level* tiers will also be updated accordingly.

*Status Levels are calculated by how much you’ve spent with us year to date. Example, spend between 01/01/21-01/01/22.

How do I Join the Rewards Store?

When you sign up for the app or update your existing app, you automatically enroll and will earn points on all eligible purchases.

Why is my loyalty different in the new app (Dollars vs. Points)?

We ditched the spend to earn campaign for a points based campaign so guests could redeem their rewards faster (or at their own pace!) You’ll still have access to everything on the app’s menu to redeem as a reward in the New Reward Store. You’ll also have the ability to earn better rewards the more you spend which will increase your Status Level in the app.

How do I earn points?

You earn 10 points for every dollar spent!

How do I use my points?

After opening the app and you are logged in, Tap “Rewards” on the bottom on the screen, this will open the New Rewards Store. At the top of the screen, the app will show you your current points progress. You’ll be able to redeem your points for any items that cost an equal amount or fewer points than you have available. Tap on the item you want to redeem, then Tap “Claim Reward”. Then you’ll see a pop at the bottom on the screen that says, “You’ve claimed a reward!” Now Tap “My Rewards” and Tap the reward you selected.

How do I use my rewards?

After opening the app and you are logged in, Tap “Rewards” on the bottom on the screen, this will open the New Rewards Store. Tap “My Rewards” to see your available rewards. This is where Status Level rewards, and future promotions/campaigns will live in the app. Tap or swipe left to view the reward you selected. The reward will show a red check mark. Tap the reward, and then Tap “Begin Order”. Your reward will be automatically applied at checkout.

If you no longer want to use the reward selected, uncheck the red check mark on that screen to return it to the Rewards Store.

*For iOS users, when you Tap “Claim Reward” a pop up will appear asking you to confirm you want to use this reward on top of the experience described above. You can still unselect the reward as described above.

Do my Rewards Expire?

Rewards may have different expiration dates. The expiration date will be on each reward.

Is there a limit to how many Reward Store Items I can redeem at any given time?

You are welcome to redeem more than one Reward Store Item in one transaction.

Do I have to buy something when I redeem a Rewards Store Item?

You do not have to make a purchase when redeeming a Rewards Store Item.

Where can I find my points balance?

Head to the ‘Redeem’ tab at the bottom of your screen. Your points balance will be visible at the top of the screen.

What are Status Levels?

In addition to earning points in the Crushed Red app. You’ll be able to earn Status Levels. Status Levels are determined by how much you’ve spent with us year to date.* When you open your app and log in, under the daypart greeting you’ll see your current Status Level. You’ll also see it in Green next to a star icon. It will show current Status Level, spend to unlock next Status Level, and a status bar showing how far until your next Status Level.

If you click either Status Level button listed above, you’ll open the Status Levels to see the descriptions of each which includes the rewards that come with each level. There are different promotions sent to guests at different levels. The higher the level, the more exclusive the promotions. We give you some hints but you’ll have to reach Status Levels to experience the perks that come with higher levels.

*Progress towards your Status Level works on a 365-day sliding scale. This means that spend on orders placed one year ago will fall off of your Status Level accrual. For example, if you spent $50 in January of 2020, and $25 in February of 2021, your overall Status Level in February 2021 will be based on that $25 spent.

How frequently are my Rewards Points and Status Levels updated after a transaction?

It can take up to 48 hours for a transaction to complete.

How do I scan to pay when ordering in store/scan to earn loyalty/add my payment info/preload funds/adjust tip amount step-by-step?

After opening the app and you are logged in, Tap “Scan” at the bottom of the screen. There are two different ways you can use Scan.
You can use Scan to pay for your order in-store and earn rewards. But if you’d rather, you can just Scan to check-in for rewards and pay separately. The amount of points you earn are the same no matter which method you use.

On the screen you’ll see the two options, “Pay and earn loyalty” (pay using your default payment method and earn loyalty), and “Check in to earn loyalty” (pay separately and still earn loyalty.)

If you Tap “Pay and earn loyalty” your Wallet will appear on the screen. Here is where you can Add Payment Methods or Add Preloaded Funds to be spent in the app.

Once you have entered your payment method in your Wallet you will see A red banner that says, “Pay and Earn Loyalty” with a QR code that has the default payment method that will be used at checkout/when scanned. You can customize how pay/switch payment methods when you Tap “Paying With” and select an alternative payment method. You can also select a custom Tip amount when you pay (our team thanks you in advance!) The default tip amount is set at 10% in the app.

If you Tap “Check in to earn loyalty” a green banner that says, “Check In for Loyalty” with a QR will appear and you will Scan in-store when checking out at the register.

To toggle between the two options, you Tap Scan at the bottom of the screen or Tap the red or green banner to switch between options.

How do I order ahead step-by-step?

After opening the app and you are logged in, Tap “Order Ahead” at the bottom of the screen. If you have your permissions set to access your location, the app will automatically pick the closest Crushed Red location for your order. If you do not, you’ll Tap the location displayed and select the location of your choice or input your information to find the closest location near you.

(When you tap on the location information for each store, it will allow you to save the location as a favorite, provide our operating hours, allow you to Tap to Call the restaurant, allow you to Tap to Get Directions to the restaurant, and allow you to Tap to begin placing your order.)

Once a location is selected, you’ll arrive at our menu. Swipe through the categories to find your Crushed Red favorites. Select modifiers like add bacon, or remove items under the “Select to remove items” options. We’re all about the customization, so make it what you want! There’s an area to add special instructions as well. Please note, these instructions are for non-menu related specifications. We can’t honor “add bacon” if it was not selected during the menu process. However, if you have a request like “sunflowers seeds on the side” (after already having added sunflower seeds on the order) that works for us! If you are worried our team won’t understand your instructions, give us a call we are happy to help!

Tap the “Review Order” button in red when you are ready to checkout. There you will see your order with any modifications made (always double check!) along with the rewards applied to the order if applicable. The tip feature is set to 10% automatically, if you’d like to change this Tap to adjust the tip amount. (Our team thanks you in advance!) This is where you can also choose if you’d like this order ASAP (default setting) or if you’d like to place it for a later time. You can check your payment information and pick up location one last time before you Tap the red “Place Order” button.

After your order successfully submits, you’ll get a confirmation screen titled, “Pickup Order Confirmation”. It includes the address of the Crushed Red location you placed the order at with options to Call the Store or Get Directions to the restaurant. It will also show pick up instructions, for example if you selected Curbside Pick Up vs. In-Store Pick Up. It’ll also confirm your order once more item by item along with tip and tax.

That’s it! Easy right? Once you’ve placed orders through the app they will save under “My Orders” on the “Order Ahead” screen for a faster ordering experience.

I made a purchase without my app; can I still earn points?

Please email a copy of your receipt and a brief description of what prevented you from using your app (did you experience a bug?) to our tech support team at who can help you.

I saw an email about a reward but didn't see it in my app.

The email you received may have a button to click to add the reward to your account. Otherwise, your reward may only be redeemable during a certain time of day (for example, lunch or dinner). If that’s the case, the reward will only be visible during the times you are able to redeem it.

I placed an order at the wrong location, how do I fix that?

Please reach out to the store from which you ordered to ensure they do not fill your order, and for help with a refund. The pickup confirmation screen will have a button to call the store. Your emailed receipt will also include the phone number for the store. Then place a new order for the correct location.

Where can I find the Nutritional/Allergen/Dietary info?

Tap on settings in the upper right hand corner of the home page of the app. Tap on the link that says Nutritional Information and it will link you to the same Nutritional Portal you use on our website.

Where can I find the Crushed Red App Rewards and Loyalty FAQs on the app?

Tap on settings in the upper right hand corner of the home page of the app. Tap on the link that says Crushed Red App Rewards and Loyalty FAQs and it will link you to the same Crushed Red App Rewards and Loyalty FAQs you see on our website.

I don’t want the new app experience, I’d rather stay on the old app.

While we are sad to see you not experience the faster, easier app experience we respect you wanting to keep it Old School. All you need to do is not update the Crushed Red and turn off auto updates. The Old Version will live on as is for the rest of time. Note: If you have auto updates installed you need to turn them off prior to the New App release by 11:59 PM latest. (We don’t recommend leaving until the last minute, please prepare in advance. We can not revert you to the old app once the app updates.)

If you decide to join the New App Experience later, you’ll need to update your app and all those new perks will be yours. Your accumulated rewards will transfer over. Also be aware, there will be no fixes/updates to the Old App Experience. It stays as is until the last user leaves its platform, at which time we will be prepping for its Viking funeral at the virtual Mississippi River.

Will my login information change/I can’t log into the New App?

Your login information is the same. When you update the app, your information should be saved and available when you launch the New App Experience. If you are not able to log in, please reset your password and follow the instructions.

Still having trouble? Contact

Please do not call the stores, or email our information email with app related questions.

We leave tech to our tech team. If you email or call us…we’ll tell you to email them.

I have a problem with an order I picked up in-store that I placed through the app. (Missing item, wrong item, etc.)

This is when you would email for assistance. We are here to help!

My app is glitching/I think I found a bug/Something Else.

This should be a one in a million chance but in case you’re that lucky guest, please take a screenshot of the glitch or short screen recording and let our tech team know ASAP by contacting They will make it right! If it’s something else and you’re sure there is no answer available in the Crushed Red Mobile App Rewards and Loyalty FAQs, please also contact our tech team for further assistance.

Thanks for leafing through the App Rewards and Loyalty FAQs for the New Crushed Red App.

We hope you enjoy the all new app experience!

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